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Default Re: Guide on IV breeding

Originally Posted by Sigma_ View Post
Read the "Explanation of IV's" in the first post.

Also, this is a much better calculator:

About the article: It is very lacking, imo. It didn't cover chain IV breeding. You don't cover what the characteristics such as "Likes to thrash about" and "Somewhat vain" mean. Some of the information is wrong as well. Such as the "3 random IV's being passed down" part. Not just any 3 random IV's are passed.

"The IVs for the baby are first created at random. Then, a random IV from either parent is inherited to the baby. Then, any random IV except an HP IV is selected from either parent and is passed to the baby. Finally, any random IV except an HP or Defense IV is selected from either parent and passed to the baby. These three random IVs may overlap, that is, the same random IV can be chosen to be inherited in the second, or third, IV transfer."

This is from a breeding guide on a different website, if anyone wants to see it, PM me, because I don't know if I should advertise like that.
Thanks, I will definetly have to check it out some time.