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Default Please close. Thanks.

This thread is only for members of the Electric Shock Showdown Clan. Tournaments will frequently be held here for our members and great prizes will be given away, so I encourage you all to participate.

Our first tournament will decide who will take Edward_Elric's place as Co-Leader of the clan!

Rules: Standard. (No hax items. No hacks. 1 legendary per team. No disconnecting. Single Level 100. 6 vs 6. Evasion, sleep, species, and OHKO clauses.)

Also all first round matches must be finished by Sunday morning. (I extended the amount of time you have for your battles). So pm your opponents to get the matches started.
If you can't finish your first battle by that time then let me and your opponent know. Unfortunately, you will be taken out of the tournament and your opponent gets an automatic win. But don't worry because we'll be having many more tournaments like this in the future.


Diarago vs afireohno

Verystrait42 vs Kim Warwick

Ty Merson vs DemonicRaichu

pikachufan25 vs megamanxpoke

thenearpokemonmaster vs xtremedarkrai

Prize: The winner becomes a Co-Leader and wins one of my EV trained pokemon.

Good luck everyone.

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