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Default ~The 3 on 3 Team Tournament!~

The 3 on 3 team Tournament!

The 3 on 3 tournament is a team tournament--4-8 teams, consisting of 3 members each. Each team will face another team ina mini war, with the team who gets 2 wins first wins. The team that loses is eliminated.

~No ubers
~No hacks
~6 vs 6
~Level 100 pre-set.
~No dis-connecting
~Stay active!
(Pm me if i am missing any)


Members in your team:(include yourself):
Team(Put N/A if put your own 3 members):

^^You can enter your own team, or enter someone elses, that doesnt have 3 members.

Teams, and battles will be put on the second post.
Good luck all.

~The 3 on 3 team tournament!~


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