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Default Re: PE2K's Result Tournament v.2 [Under New Management]

Originally Posted by Xênaz View Post
Hm... I was led to believe that the Kick Ass trainers were supposed to remain the same for the most part and not change a lot. At least, that is what Ace told me when I talked to him on Shoddy Battle yesterday...

I still think that the Kick Ass trainers should be different than the top five of the week. But whatever.
Originally Posted by brettmeeink View Post
I agree with Xenaz, the kiss arse's should be the best battlers, agreed upon by some smart people.
Originally Posted by darkestmaster View Post
This is just a thought, but maybe a list should be made of all the top battlers, and all the clan leaders will vote for 5 people who they think are the best. The people who get the most votes become the top 5 trainers.
Hmm, I see you all agree on the same thing. Here we go:

New announcement!: The Top 5 battlers known as "PE2K's Kick-Ass Trainers" will be decided upon 2-3 other [smart] people, including me as one of those 2-3.

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