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Default Papa. L's Sprite Shop. Get your Overworlds and Fakemon! ~Shop: Busy, requests:CLOSED~

Approved by Azumao!

You will probably say I'm not good enough to open a shop, but I'm giving it a shot.
I'll try my best to do....
Fakemon Backs-
Fakemon Icons -

Please give detailed descriptions...

and I'll also do:

Trainer Overworlds:
Dp's BACK!!!!

Trainer Sprite:
Ones: Running, Walking, Pokeball Thing,

Revamps (well attempts):

Old Pokemon Sprite:
New Pokemon Sprite:

New! Eggs:

Pattern: (Describe with detail)

NEW! Badges:
Here's just a rough test but just give me a detailed description and I'll do my best.

And Bio - engineered Pokemon My own creation:
People post the type(s) they want and a Pokemon and I'll do what I can.

New Type:
Pokemn Sprite:
Note that my Fakemon icons and backs are based in the Pokemon Angel Demon Project, as I am an important staff there.

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