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Default Re: Papa. L's Sprite Shop. Where Fakemon and other stuff come to life!!!

well when its back up i have an overworld request, oh and PapaLuLu27 you were a fan of my comic, number 2 is up, and i already made 3, but everyone has to wait tell tomorrow to see it! (im not advertiseing, just telling you that, becuase it sounded like you wanted to see my next one)
I no longer frequent this site. If you wish to contact me still, go to gaia-online. Here is my account there. I will help you get into gaia as best I can.

I am sorry about my dissapearnce from this site, but to be honest I grew out of pokemon a bit xP I still play the games, but my pokemon sprite work, and comics I did here, just bore me now... I miss some of my friends I had here though.