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Default Re: I really need help!

Originally Posted by Misty May View Post
It might have spoilers but it might help. Your post was somewhat confusing.

Well I thought you had to go to Snowpoint and defete the gym then the grunts will move so you can go beat a planet. Then that leads to Stark mountain...I think I'm to far in the story but mabey I'm not.

If it doesn't help I'm sorry..
You're getting the two mountains mixed up. xD
1. If you have hacked your game, your screwed.
2. Even if you have gone to Snowpoint City, you always see grunts there. I've been to the Veilstone HQ before my guidebook says so, I know.
3. Check Mt. Coronet, maybe you're forgetting that you've already went there. I'm not sure, but I think if you beat them, they clear out and go to Mt. Coronet, which is your next destination. Otherwise, you've got a huge glitch in your game and you probably need to restart.

Originally Posted by Umbreon7831234 View Post
WOW weird
Was there really any point in posting that?
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