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Default Re: ~.::.~Elite Draco Squad~.::.~ Recruiting!

Originally Posted by Splishee View Post
I absolutely LOVE dragons, especially Altaria. Altaria is my favourite Pokemon, full stop. So here is my sign up form. ^_^

By the way, I'm unable to battle until further notice. Need to beat the new game first.

Name (In-game): Kaitie
FC (Don’t say in sig.): 3952 5881 2180
Favorite Type: Fire (pyromaniac, hello? ^_^), Water and Dragons.
Favorite Snack: Salt and Vinegar chips. *drools*
Can you Clone: No. That's cheating, my dear friends. I will never hack/cheat in my game for as long as I live.
Can you EV train: I could if I tried, but I really can't be bothered. If you wanted me to, I could. I basically do it anyway, just not consciously. Like, I know certain Pokemon can build up certain stats, and I sometimes use them, but I don't do it all the time or vigorously.. you know?
Tryout Battler: What does this mean? o.O
Accepted. Tryout battler means you have to battle somone from the clan, buuuutttt, I'll make an exeption. Get your banner please!

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