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Default Llama Commando's Stats Of the URPG and Related Thingamajiggers

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Name: Llama Commando

Instant Messenger: Llama Commando54 [AIM]

Current Positions: Trainer - Coordinator

Record: 24/20/1

Total Battles: 45


Money: $4000
Held Items: Smooth Rock (2), Shell Bell (Vire)
Evolution Items: Thunderstone {Used - Eevee}, Magmarizer {Used - Magmar}
Other Items: None
TMs: Ice Beam {Used}
HMs: None

Badge Case


Orange Islands:




Elite Four:


~Become a Gym Leader
~Evolve Magby
~Evolve Magmar
~Become a ref
~Become a grader

Future Pokémon



! = Capture
! = Failure
! = Needs Grade
! = In Progress
! = Planning

Sights Set on Jubilife! - One-shot - Wanted Pokémon: Noctowl - Status: !
Connor Miller, a fledgling Pokémon Trainer, finally begins his journey after many weeks of delay. After accepting the unexpected request of Professor Rowan's father to his to-do-list, Connor heads off. However, he is awoken at night by a mysterious owl Pokémon. Could this be Connor's chance to catch a Pokémon?

The Captive of the Pastoria Ruins - One-shot - Wanted Pokémon: Hippopotas/Gligar - Status: !
Kevin Fairfield, the son of Pastoria City's local Pokémon Professor, is not an ordinary boy. Diagnosed at age 7 with a form of mental retardation that affects him on-and-off, Kevin from the start has a low self-esteem. When his father doesn't return from some newly-unerthed ruins he was studying one day, Kevin relaizes that he must brave what could be inside to find his dad. With no one else to care for him or assist him, he grabs the lone Pokéball of his only friend, Machop, and heads off into the night towards the Pastoria Ruins...

The Daughters of Satan - First installment of the Bound In Hell series - Wanted Pokémon: Houndour/Ekans/Duskull - Status: !
Bound in Hell since birth for a reason none have revealed, Zak is tortured and brutally beaten beyond all imagination. His life, literally, is Hell, and he can't do anything but succumb to fate and play Lucifer's puppet for eternity. But when escape's shining silver doors present themselves, Zak jumps through them headfirst, into a world whose turmoil he would not have thought possible after his years in his burning inferno. War rocks the land, failure and death are a heavy musk in the air, and Zak feels as if nothing had changed. Pushed unknowingly into an epic quest against the Devil who had held him, Zak begins to play a role in the undoing of evil itself... if evil's daughters can't stop him.

PE2K's Resident Michigan State Spartan

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