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Since this thread is basically about the music people like ill post what im in to i guess.

I would like to think i have a unique taste in music. Growing up i often felt the need to limit myself to certain genres, only to realize im missing out on tons of great music. Currently i find my self listening to a grand scale of music, over the course of a day i can easily listen to 5 different genres.

Basically what i listen to is anything that is electronic or synth based with alot of rock/indie/punk mixed in. I started out with just alot of rock bands like any of the 90's grunge bands then i got more in to electronic stuff.

A few bands that are in my current playlist are, 30 seconds to mars, black sun empire, boysetsfire, carbon-based lifeforms, coheed and cambia, covenant, death from above 1979, killswitch engage, KJ sawka, maldroid, orgy, secret lives of free masons, shiny toy guns, wideband network and then usually a random various artist type complicaion cd for ambient/synthpop/electro groups.

As you can see i enjoy my music quite a bit.

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