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Shadows of the Future - Complete
Ancient times... The only fear of mankind were the shadows. Shadows in itself weren’t dangerous or frightening; it was what had become of the shadows, that struck terror into everyone’s heart. The balance between evil and good had been thrown off, and those with a dark heart had gathered within the halls of Castle Kaios. Those who had remained pure only lost their shadow, which was a strange sight to see during the day when the sun was high and there wasn’t a single shadow to see. This was because of a curse, a curse which had been spoken by a dark wizard who went by the name of Chaodes. He had been wanting to rule the world for ages, and many thought he would actually succeed.
Until one day a bright, white sphere formed above the city of Goldenrod which lay at the castle’s steps. A shape emerged. It was a strange shape, which looked like that of a bird. It spread its wings, and the city was filled with light. Shadows returned to their owners, and the bird figure flew off towards the castle. Moments later, the inhabitants of Goldenrod watched the castle crumble to the ground, and Chaodes came running down the dark, stone steps. He was caught, locked up and was later executed.
The bird was never seen again. No one had a clue who or what it was, many didn’t know whether to worship it or to fear it. But no matter what, that bird still went down into history as the savior of the world.

Captured: Natu Length: Almost 39k. Personal Thoughts: I was all into this story. Original, and I managed to work it out alright. This was the start of my wanting to be a writer. It's the storyline of the second volume of my fan-fic: Lost Destinies.


Shadows of the Past
Years before the Kanto Region existed, a small civilization had lived upon the dark soil which laid the ground. This small group of people had called their tribe “Spirit Talkers”, for many of them were gifted with the ability to summon spirits, and absorb their abilities and energy they had before they entered the afterlife. With these abilities, they managed to survive many generations, by fighting off the fiercest creatures you could think of. Alas, after several more decades, the creatures had managed to destroy their tribe with the help of the beast who is also known as the “Ancient Terror”. He had driven the tribe to flee to the Temple of Floryu, and just when they all thought they were safe, the roof came crashing down.
Many screamed and ran, some tried to fight back. As they had reached the exit, the beast’s minions had come crawling in. They slaughtered the tribe with sharp scythes and deadly spikes which could be fired rapidly. Once the tribe was finished off, the beast let out a mighty roar, destroyed the remains of the temple, devoured the bodies scattered throughout the floor, and soared into the horizon.
Years later, the beast had been spotted again. It was yet again terrorizing a group of gifted humans. This group had been gifted with the ability to revive the dead, but only for a short amount of time. Their sacred monument, the Holy Church of Taralon, was also destroyed.
No one knew why the beast had murdered these tribes. After murdering out the second civilization, the winged beast died. The only ones who would be able to bring it back had been killed by his claws and fangs. Its minions had also gone missing, and the world could finally evolve in the way it was meant to…

Captured: Kangaskhan Length: 53k [up until the Kangaskhan capture] Personal Thoughts: More is exlplained of the Destined, and new characters are introduced, including Meaghan, a Destined, and Mike, a friend of Meaghan's, and is very mysterious.


Sound of Rain
The night air was cool and silent. The clouds flecked the dark blue and the stars shone brightly in the sky. A drop of rain fell to the earth, breaking the stillness of Petalburg Lake.

The fisher sitting by the bank looked up and stared at the ripples forming across the surface. He lowered his head again when a deep rumbling arose. He returned his gaze to the sky and quickly leapt out of his seat when a bolt of lightning came crashing down.

Within seconds, the silence had been broken by a thunderstorm which crashed and growled all around Hoenn. People closed their windows and locked their doors. Candles were lit as power lines went down, and a shiver ran down everyone’s spine as they heard a deep, echoing shriek sound through the night.

Captured: Ludicolo, Vileplume Length: 82.3k [up to Chapter 10] Personal Thoughts: Haha, one of my favorite so far. I've really improved since the Shadows Series. This one is going for a Ludicolo and Vileplume double capture, because personally, I think that's easy to do. I'd easily bet I can get them both in one shot [and if I wanted I'd add in a third mon, but I'm too lazy to change what I have].
Update: Captured the mons, in one go. =) I know how to finish my story, but I'm debating whether or not I want more captures.

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