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Default ~~~Rel_12 Battling Thread~~~Everyone gettin Pwned so far~~~

I'm looking for as many battles as possible

I dont use a form, all you have to do is post.


No Ubers
No hacks
~~These Clauses~~
OHKO (No one-hit-KO moves, sheer cold, fissure etc.)
Species(No two umbreons)
Evasion Clause(No moves like double team ect.)
Sleep Clause (only put one guy to sleep at a time.)
No luck items(brightpowder ect.)

Battle Log

Wins for rel
rel_12=missingnoVirus=rel_12 5-0
rel_12=thenearpokemonmaster=rel_12 6-0
rel_12=moe2=rel_12 6-0
losses for rel

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