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Default Re: Wouldn't it be cool if...

Originally Posted by !CeMAn
oh whatever! it's not spamming when you ask a legitimate question. making a post that only tells me i spammed when it has nothing to do with the subjet is spamming aswell, O-flaaf. why aren't YOU getting scolded?

you wanna ban me for THAT? holy power trip. are you going to make me remove my squirtle? are you gonna stop me from posting wherever i please?

pokingmaster, smurf and YOU, ygseto, have all posted stuff that's off topic here. find a new hobby and get off my stones.

BTW, i like the painting idea. there i'm still "on topic".
Um, yes, he will make you remove the Squirtle because you are banned from the VPP. Not that hard to understand.

Orange-Flaafy never posted anything off topic in this thread. Yes, asking a legitamate question is SPAM because you could have asked in a PM. Quit acting like you know everything, and quit acting like he can't ban you from the VPP, because guess what? He just did.

Now, on topic. I really don't care if you can paint the Pokemon or not. I don't want some stupid thing following me around. Unless I get to slap it a few times. lol.

This suit is black not.
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