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Default Re: PE2K's Result Tournament v.2 [Under New Management]::"PE2K's Top 5 Trainers" Arri

Originally Posted by pikachu25king View Post
If i am not in the top 10 can i still battle and post my wins in this thread? or only the top 10 for now on?
Look and listen:

When v.3 is created, I will be letting it last for one whole month. The top 10 people with the highest points will have their scores saved and added into the Hall of Fame for the newest version. So let's say you're 11th, you're points will not be carried on to the Hall of Fame post.

And when the next one is made, everyone is still allowed to post the results and stuff like usual. Oh, and I will be enforcing the rule a bit more. You'll find out in the next version.