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Default Re: My 1st bred shiny: Adamant Cubone with Rock Head ability and egg moves!

Originally Posted by Happy Bunny View Post
aww damn, he isnt ordinary he is very special 2 me anyways. i dont have much uh i could give you rayquaza?
Yes, it's special to you for sentimental reasons but to me it's just an ordinary run o' the mill Blaziken. Sorry, but this cubone is like a royal flush of shinies and trading it for that would be like switching places with a person who is holding a pair of sixs.

Originally Posted by Emeraldsuicune View Post
How's a clone of a Shiny swampert, level 50, 31 iv's in 5 categories???
Man, that shiny sounds like it's probably hacked but I might be interested if it has a good nature.
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