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I've a question too.

Let's say a Pokemon uses Ice Punch and Fire Punch throughout the whole contest.

Turn 1: Ice Punch
Turn 2: Fire Punch
Turn 3: Ice Punch
Turn 4: Fire Punch
Turn 5: Ice Punch

The combo ain't supposed to be keep going on. It's like Turn 2 finished a combo, so double points, but when Turn 3 proceeds, it is not a combo. It is a new set, meaning Turn 3 doesn't get double points, but Turn 4 does. I'm clarifying this because I saw Vire scored a combo in your last post, while in the post before that, Vire had 16 hearts, even with full crowd meter, it at maximum should be like (+6)+(+4) = 10, which I didn't understand how it got 16 hearts.

Maybe it's just me who's confused about the whole hearts and points thing, since I still don't see the different except the number of digits as I usually judge by hearts, and points at the end result.

EDIT: Swords Dance and X-Scissor aren't combos. :o

Anyway, I will use X-Scissor again as my last move if the order doesn't changes.
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