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Arrow Salvation From the Rain

“Still edible,” she thought to herself, pulling the half-eaten can of tuna fish from the dumpster. The can, and its treasure, joined the rest of her scavenged collection inside her torn, moldy backpack.

A brisk breeze shot by, causing her battered orange fur to stand on end. Another sign that winter was approaching. She needed to find warmer clothes, hopefully an old blanket.

She moved on, pushing and prying away at the trash, searching for anything worth salvaging. If she was lucky, she might be able to find an entire meal. Absently, she scratched at the thin scar on her cheek, a parting gift from the mob of humans who tried to stone her.

Finding nothing, she sighed, then picked up her backpack, her only possession save for the tattered clothes on her body. The shirt was a bit too big, despite it being made for one of the smaller humans. Then again, she was tiny herself, an inherited trait from her mother’s side. Her pants fit though, intact save for a few stitched patches and a hole in the back for her tails.

Shadows fell upon the alley as the outdoor lamps shut off. She preferred scavenging in these early hours. Too early for many humans to be out, and too late for the night pokemon; the perfect time. Sure, she had come across trouble. Every now and again she would encounter a territorial pokemon or a drunk human fool. Usually she ran away in those cases, though there were times when a human found himself on fire. She laughed at the thought. Those humans deserved it.

A murkrow pokemon landed on a trash can in front of her. He eyed her condescendingly.

“What are you?” he sneered.

“None of your business,” she replied tensely. Her fur rose in agitation.

“A monster,” he declared, “an abomination. A creature trapped between both worlds, but never in either.”

She growled at him.

“Go away,” she replied, “Or else!”

“Or else?” he mocked, “Can a freak of nature like you even fight?”

She lost her temper. A stream of flames erupted from her mouth, jetting towards the murkrow pokemon. He was ready, easily dodging the blast as he launched himself into the air.

“A freak! A freak!” he taunted as he climbed away into the dark, morning sky.

She watched him fly off, her chest heaving furiously with anger. Impulsively she shot out several more streams of fire at the murkrow pokemon, but he was well out of range by then.

For a moment, she just stood there, her eyes blazing. And then… she just fell, crashing against the cold cement wall. The blazing flames in her eyes flowed into a river of tears.

“It’s not fair,” she cried to herself, “I didn’t choose to be this way!”

A light rain slowly fell from the sky, dotting her fur and clothes. Within minutes she was soaked, her faded red hair plastered to her face. She curled up into a ball, hugging her knees.

All of her life she never knew love. She barely remembered her parents, they having died or abandoned her. She never really fit into human or pokemon society. The humans treated her reprehensibly, looked down upon her as a lesser being. The pokemon considered her a mutant, an unnatural being that should not exist. There was no middle ground, and yet there she lived, alone.

The dark rain fell harder, stabbing her like daggers, though she barely felt it. The barrage of the rain was nothing compared to the devastation in her heart. She had fought too many battles, endured too many taunts, lived through too much hatred. She was tired. Tired of it all.

She just wanted to sleep.

No one would notice her disappearance. No one would care. For once she could escape the jeers of the world, the pain and misery she had been through. She could finally be free of the torment she had endured. It would be bliss.

Slowly, she let go. She felt her mind begin to drift off, sensing her body float away. The feel of cold water, the smell of wet cement, the sound of pitter-patter, the sight of darkly outlined sky, the taste of her salty tears… all faded away. Soon… it would be gone entirely.

… and then she felt… she felt… warm?

Slowly, she opened her eyes, her mind drifted back to her body. There was… something on her… a jacket? Where did it come from? Wait… it was raining, but why could she not feel it?

She looked up from the jacket and saw a human boy. In his hand he held an umbrella over her, protecting her from the storm.

“This isn’t right,” the boy muttered, “No one should be treated this way.”

The boy kneeled down next to her.

“Are you okay?” he asked kindly.

She hesitated, not knowing how to reply. Finally, she looked up, her red eyes meeting his light blue. They glowed with compassion. He smiled.

“Come on,” he grinned, “We need to get you to someplace dry. I can’t let you freeze to death.”

The boy gently, but firmly grabbed her arm and pulled her up onto her feet. He had little trouble, she was small and thin from starvation. The boy reached into his pocket and placed something in her hands.

“Here, eat it,” he offered, “Looks like you need it.”

She looked down. It was a sandwich, still warm.

“… Thank you,” she managed to squeak through her tears.

He smiled kindly again.

“No problem,” he replied, “It’s the least I could do.”

The rain stopped. The sun rose.

“By the way, the name’s Richie. I hope we can be friends.”

“Yes…” she replied, “Friends…”
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