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Default Re: Salvation From the Rain

Originally Posted by PhantomKat7 View Post
Aww, that was very sweet. It reminded of a story about an orphan girl dying in the snow as she looked at a family eating Christmas dinner through a window. I couldn't help but feel sorry for her and then happy for her at the end of the story. Awesome job, I love short, emotional stories. =)

- Kat
I think the story you're thinking of, Kat, is called "The Little Match Girl" or something like that. It was one of my favorite Christmas Stories, honestly, because of the ending :]

HKim, this is really great. The emotions in it are plentiful, the description is awesome, and it's a sweet tale of someone, down on their luck, getting their luck turned around by someone who is kind. Really good stuff here, man, hope to see even more from ya soon ^^.
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