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Default Re: DP Normal Beauty | Noob of All Noobs vs. Pokelord01 vs. Mew Magician vs. Ataro

thank you all for partecipating, people. And now, we shall start. A few notes about DP contests, through:

1) We're using DP style moves, browse them on veekun or serebii please, as they're currently missing from the URPG list. If you want to change your moves rooster, I won't say anything. But if you send your moves and we do the first turn, they won't change.

2) As DP rules want, we'll have three fictional judges. Each one of these will have his own crowd meter, and when voltage will reach five, the lead judge will award +8 hearts. The other two will award +3

3) At the end of each turn, each pokemon will get some more extra points depending on who you appealed(if you were the only one appealing on a judge, you get +3 hearts. If two appealed on the same judge, they get +2 each. If three appealed on the same judge, tey get +1. If all appealed on the same judge, they get +0)

Said that, it's time to start. Let's present the contestant mons!

Crowd gives a huge cheer to Ataro's Milotic! It scores 183 points!
People are intrigued by Mew magician's Prinplup! It scores 27 points!
Girls go mad for NoaN(Golduck?)! It scores 114 points!
And Sceptile gets an honor mention from me, because it scores nothing.

Now, lemme introduce you to your judges!

Here's mister Crimson Chin, from Chinchinnati :p( I'm daring you to guess from where I've taken this name). He'll be your lead judge for this contest

Then, here there is Mrs. Twinkles. Pay respect to this owl-looking woman :p

And last, but not least, here comes... hm, Billy Idol perhaps? Running out of ideas :x

So, your three fictional judges are these: Crimson Chin, Mrs. Twinkles and Billy Idol. Of course, I'm your judge. Post your moves here or PM me, but remember to put which judge you're gonna appeal to. And let the contest start!
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