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Default Re: Ataro's Judging Log

Normal Rank Standard Cool Contest
King vs Leman vs Jr vs Noan
Salamence vs Swellow vs Typhlo vs Golduck

King was really enthusiastic.

Kingrapter101 (1:31:46 PM): I got second place without knowing what the f*** I was doing. Nice

Mence at the 3rd round onward required tricky judging though, with lots of different points. Golduck won though, with the help of Pokeblocks.

sniperXpwnage (1:30:43 PM): in fourth place
sniperXpwnage (1:30:56 PM): Leman with his Swellow 180 pts

TheJrTrainer (1:30:59 PM): lol
sniperXpwnage (1:31:00 PM): in third:
sniperXpwnage (1:31:17 PM): JR with his Typhlo 283 pts [220 w/o]

Kingrapter101 (1:31:19 PM): I'M NOT LAST NOOBS
Kingrapter101 (1:31:21 PM): I WIN
sniperXpwnage (1:31:24 PM): in second place:
TheJrTrainer (1:31:25 PM): lol
Kingrapter101 (1:31:27 PM): MEEEEEEEE
sniperXpwnage (1:31:33 PM): King with his Mence 290 pts
Kingrapter101 (1:31:46 PM): I got second place without knowing what the **** I was doing. Nice
sniperXpwnage (1:31:47 PM): in first will be Noan with his GOlduck 370 pts [ 270 w/o]

Noan wins; Normal Cool Ribbon, $2k and a $1.5 berry.
King in second place; $1.5k and a $1k berry.
JR in third; $1.5k and a $1k berry.
Leman in last; $1k and a $0.5k berry.

Noan - Lum & Chesto | King - Chesto & Chesto | JR - Chesto & Chesto | Leman - Cheri

Salary: $2000
Total Payroll: $46000

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