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Default Sigma's Stats

Titles: Pokemon Battler, Certified Referee, Free For All Enthusiast, Duel Island Booster Pack Guy, Legend Defender, Official Official, Approver of Trades, Pokemart Clerk, Digging Crew Member, Daycare Breeder
AIM: Sigma777z
Cash: $3,600
Battles: 825
Record (restarted): 89/20/0
One vs. One Record: 138/69/0
Total Record: 227/89/0
Streak (non 1 VS. 1): +3
Best Streak: +25
HM's: Dive, Flash, Surf, Waterfall
Equips: Charcoal, Choice Band, Choice Scarf, Choice Specs, Expert Belt, Focus Sash, Leftovers, Leftovers, Leftovers, Leftovers, Life Orb, Lum Berry, Salac Berry, Wide Lens
Other: Dome Fossil, Easter Egg, Fire Stone, Taco (w/ Jalapeno)
Pokemon Wanted: Rotom, Husnain
Pokemon I Need to TM: Salamence, Tyranitar, Garchomp

Boulder (Barkley3312)
Cascade (Ierdar)
Thunder (Splishee)
Volcano (Loyal Arcanine)
Earth (We The Pichus...)

JOHTO BADGES (complete)
Zephyr (Chao Breeder)
Hive (gun6)
Plain (Twitchy the Rat, Every Villain Is Lemons, JohtoTrainer)
Fog (Shane, Lan)
Mineral (Neo Pikachu, Chao Breeder)
Storm (ball)
Glacier (Amplified Pikachu, Big Boss)
Rising (infested88, All-Star)

Stone (Pika57)
Knuckle (The Elite Ygseto, Noob of all noobs)
Dynamo (Team overkill)
Heat (Legend Slayer)

Coal (crazy231)
Forest (Robert the War Lord)
Fen (americantreefrog)
Icicle (Tyranitar_Trainer)

Coral Eye (Akdude)
Spike Shell (King Zark)
Jade Star (SiberianTiger)

Global Cooling the ABOMASNOW
Gender: Male
Special Moves: Energy Ball (TM), Flash (HM), Growth (BM), Leech Seed (BM), Substitute (TM)
Value: $22,000
Obtained: Trade from umbreonandespeon

Sex on Legs the ALAKAZAM
Gender: Female
Special Moves: Attract (TM), Barrier (BM), Encore (BM), Energy Ball (TM), Flash (HM), Focus Blast (TM), Flash (HM), Hidden Power [Ice] (TM), Ice Punch (TM), Light Screen (TM), Psych Up (TM), Safeguard (TM), Shadow Ball (TM), Shock Wave (TM), Substitute (TM), Taunt (TM), Thunder Wave (TM), Torment (TM)
Value: $74,000
Obtained: Trade from Team Evolution
Moves Needed: Charge Beam (TM), Grass Knot (TM), Protect

Gender: Female
Special Moves: Aromatherapy (BM), Calm Mind (TM), Counter (TM), Flash (HM), Focus Blast (TM), Ice Beam (TM), Icy Wind (TM), Mimic (TM), Reflect (TM), Seismic Toss (TM), Stealth Rock (TM), Thunder (TM), Toxic (TM), Thunder Wave (TM)
Value: $68,000
Obtained: Trade from Noob of all noobs
Moves Needed: Snatch (TM)

Eats Luvdisc the BRONZONG
Gender: Genderless
Special Moves: Calm Mind (TM), Charge Beam (TM), Earthquake (TM), Explosion (TM), Flash (HM), Grass Knot (TM), Hidden Power [Psychic] (TM), Light Screen (TM), Psych Up (TM), Reflect (TM), Rest (TM), Rock Polish (TM), Rock Tomb (TM), Stealth Rock (TM), Substitute (TM), Toxic (TM), Trick Room (TM)
Value: $70,000
Obtained: Story: Bronzor eat Luvdisc, not Magikarp!

Emmalee the CLEFABLE
Gender: Female
Special Moves: Belly Drum (BM), Calm Mind (TM), Flamethrower (TM), Flash (HM), Ice Beam (TM), Seismic Toss (TM), Snatch (TM), Thunderbolt (TM), Toxic (TM)
Value: $47,500
Obtained: Pokemart
Moves Needed: Body Slam (TM), Charge Beam (TM), Focus Blast (TM), Grass Knot (TM), Hidden Power (TM), Psychic (TM), Stealth Rock (TM), Substitute (TM)

Zubat Went to the Zoo the CROBAT
Gender: Female
Special Moves: Brave Bird (BM), Captivate (TM), Dark Pulse (TM), Giga Drain (TM), Hidden Power [Fighting] (TM), Hypnosis (BM), Nasty Plot (BM), Protect (TM), Roost (TM), Sludge Bomb (TM), Snatch (TM), Substitute (TM), Taunt (TM), Toxic (TM), U-Turn (TM), Whirlwind (TM), X-Scissor (TM)
Value: $88,500
Obtained: Trade from turbo123212321

You're Screwed Now the DUGTRIO
Gender: Male
Special Moves: Aerial Ace (TM), Shadow Claw (TM), Stone Edge (TM)
Value: $16,500
Obtained: Story: Generic Story

Explosionary Disfunction the ELECTRODE
Gender: Genderless
Special Moves: Hidden Power [Dragon] (TM), Reflect (TM), Taunt (TM), Thunderbolt (TM), Thunder Wave (TM), Toxic (TM)
Value: $30,500
Obtained: Trade from Leman

Husnain the ESPEON
Gender: Female
Special Moves: Attract (TM), Calm Mind (TM), Flash (HM), Grass Knot (TM), Hidden Power [Ground] (TM), Reflect (TM), Shadow Ball (TM)
Value: $34,000
Obtained: Summer Giveaway '08 from Husnain

Gender: Female
Special Moves: Attract (TM), Earthquake (TM), Light Screen (TM), Substitute (TM)
Value: $20,000
Obtained: Summer Giveaway '08 from Nitrous Oxide

Is I Uber Yet? the GARCHOMP
Gender: Male
Special Moves: Draco Meteor (BM), Earthquake (TM), Fire Blast (TM), Outrage (BM), Rock Slide (TM), Swords Dance (TM),
Obtained: Trade from Tyranitar_Trainer

All your Base are Belong to us the GENGAR
Gender: Male
Special Moves: Attract (TM), Captivate (TM), Explosion (TM), Focus Blast (TM), Focus Punch (TM), Giga Drain (TM), Haze (BM), Ice Punch (TM), Psychic (TM), Shadow Ball (TM), Sludge Bomb (TM), Substitute (TM), Taunt (TM), Thunderbolt (TM), Will-o-Wisp (TM)
Value: $76,500
Obtained: Trade from FrozenChaos (who got it from ShadowLink, who got it from me)

Gender: Male
Special Moves: Earthquake (TM), Taunt (TM), Waterfall (HM)
Value: $9,500
Obtained: Trade from May Norman
Moves Needed: Avalanche (TM), Body Slam (TM), Curse (TM), Payback (TM), Reflect (TM), Roar (TM), Stone Edge (TM), Substitute (TM), Thunder Wave (TM)

Gender: Male
Special Moves: Curse (BM), Roar (TM), Rock Tomb (TM), Slack Off (BM), Stealth Rock (TM), Stone Edge (TM), Substitute (TM)
Value: $34,000
Obtained: Summer '08 Party Tourney

Gender: Male
Special Moves: Bulk Up (TM), Earthquake (TM), Encore (BM), Fire Blast (TM), Focus Blast (TM), Grass Knot (TM), Iron Tail (TM), Roar (TM), Shadow Claw (TM), Stone Edge (TM), Substitute (TM), Sunny Day (TM), Swords Dance (TM), Taunt (TM), Thunderpunch (BM), U-Turn (TM), Will-o-Wisp (TM)
Value: $91,500
Obtained: Pokemart

Yellow Rush the JOLTEON
Gender: Female
Special Moves: Charge Beam (TM), Flash (HM), Growth (SM), Hidden Power [Dark], Light Screen (TM), Reflect (TM), Roar (TM), Shadow Ball (TM), (TM) Substitute (TM), Thunderbolt (TM), Yawn (BM)
Value: $50,000
Obtained: Pokemart
Moves Needed: Charge Beam (TM), Light Screen (TM), Reflect (TM), Roar (TM)

The Amazing Mr. Absorbency the LUDICOLO
Gender: Male
Special Moves: Dive (HM), Flash (HM), Giga Drain (TM), Ice Beam (TM), Leech Seed (BM), Protect (TM), Rest (TM), Substitute (TM), Surf (HM), Synthesis (BM), Toxic (TM), Waterfall (HM)
Value: $48,000
Obtained: Starter
Moves Needed: Attract (TM), Double Team (TM), Grass Knot (TM)

Cheater the MACHAMP
Gender: Female
Special Moves: Earthquake (TM), Fire Punch (TM), Fissure (TM), Ice Punch (TM), Poison Jab (TM), Rest (TM), Substitute (TM), Thunderpunch (TM)
Value: $44,500
Obtained: Trade from The Jr. Trainer
Moves Needed: Encore (BM), Light Screen (BM), Stone Edge (TM)

Loyal Arcanine the METAGROSS
Gender: Genderless
Special Moves: Brick Break (TM), Earthquake (TM), Explosion (TM), Flash (HM), Hidden Power [Poison] (TM), Ice Punch (MT), Light Screen (TM), Reflect (TM), Rest (TM), Rock Slide (TM), Rock Tomb (TM), Shadow Ball (TM), Sleep Talk (TM), Sludge Bomb (TM), Substitute (TM)
Value: $62,000
Obtained: Secret Santa gift from Loyal Arcanine
Moves Needed: Gyro Ball (TM), Stealth Rock (TM)

Gender: Male
Special Moves: Calm Mind (TM), Confuse Ray (BM), Flash (HM), Hypnosis (BM), Psych Up (TM), Rest (TM), Snatch (TM), Taunt (TM), Thunder Wave (TM), Trick Room (TM),
Value: $47,000
Obtained: Pokemart
Moves Needed: Energy Ball (TM), Focus Blast (TM), Seismic Toss (TM), Snatch (TM), Thunderbolt (TM)

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