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Default The Rules: READ FIRST!

URPG Rules 101

For all those people who can't seem to remember them all.

  • You take care of your own stats. This involves updating your record and money count. If you are doing multiple 1 VS. 1 battles to evolve a Pokémon, you can update your stats after they are all over.
  • You can only uses 3 posts in your stat page. This means the first post + 2 more. Not until the board says your stat thread has 3 posts.
  • A forum ban means an URPG ban too. No matter who it is.
  • Clone accounts are illegal and thus an one-way ticket to getting banned.

PokéMart/Hidden Power Reroll
  • You post your own order.
  • You must wait until your order is accepted before you substract the money from your stats.
  • You purchase your Daycare & Dream World moves/abilities at the Pokémart for $5,000 each. You get these instantly once they're approved.
  • You MUST put which Pokémon you own have Breeding Moves, Move Tutors, Special Moves, or Dream World ability taught to them. If you are caught cheating, like everything else, there will be penalties. But this will be more strict.

  • Bids start at $1000.
  • Bid increments must be at least $100 and at most $5,000.
  • Only bid if you have the money for it.
  • A bid takes place on all 3 forums, it is your responsibility to check all 3 to ensure you have the highest bid if you want to win.
  • All bids are non-retractable. If he/she can't claim the prize after a time period, he/she will have the money removed from his/her stats accordingly without getting the auctioned item still.
  • Auctions will happen whenever they happen, please have patience.
  • Auctions will last for one week.

  • A trade starts by one person posting that he/she wants to trade and the other person replies he/she will trade. Once both people agree, they trade. You must have a Trade Supervisor accept your trade before it becomes official.
  • If you are trading to evolve your Pokémon, do a trade-and-trade-back. If an item is needed during Trade Evolution, you must buy it from the Pokémart.
  • You can also buy a Link Cable in the Pokémart to bypass the need for a trade-and-trade-back. You do however still need the items like Metal Coat if the evolution requires it.
  • You can’t trade your Starter Pokémon to anyone. It is yours to keep forever. You can only trade-and-trade-back to evolve it, like Machoke to Machamp.
  • You can't trade any Pokémon that are participating in a current, active forum battle, tournament, or contest. If you do trade, either your trade will be canceled or the above (apply where applicable) will be declared over. This is done by a Moderator or respective leaders/seniors of each section.
  • If you decide to leave, for any reason, you may trade away any Pokémon in your stats away, except your Starter. You can only trade one Pokémon to each individual. Plus, those trades must be fair, to the trade supervisor's own judgment.
  • You can not trade/tradeback just so the other party can teach your Pokémon TM/HM/BM/MT/SMs, or feed your Pokémon Pokéblocks.

  • Members without messengers may have up to 3 forum battles here. Members with messengers may only 1 forum battle at a time. If you go over the limit, your battle will be locked.
  • Gym leaders get an extra forum battle for their gym matches.
  • Trading Pokémon. If you want to trade a Pokémon that is involved in a battle, you must wait for the battle to be finished in order to trade. If you do trade that Pokémon, your battle may be locked and your opponent will win the match.
  • Don't post in other people's battle threads, unless you have the right to.
  • The Ref of the match posts the battles, unless he/she asks one of the battlers to do it for him/her.
  • All battles must be physically reffed; counting one battle as many because the outcome is the same is not allowed and will be punished accordingly.
  • You can OHKO for Evolutions, but not for money. That means, unless it's evolutionary you cannot battle someone in a 1v1 more than once, unless both Pokémon are different. BOTH Pokémon.
  • In 2v2 or more, you can't reuse the same Holding Item for the next Pokémon once your first one faints. In Stadium/Colosseum, you state your Holding Items at the start and can’t change it, while in G/S or R/S you state it when you first send out the Pokémon.
  • If the Pokémon is currently in battle, but you have gotten it a new TM/HM/BM/MT/SM, then you can't use it in that current battle.
  • If you have already beaten a gym and gotten it's badge, you can only receive the money on the second try and others.
  • Pokémon can only use one ability in battle, but you can switch abilities between battles.
  • If you have to leave during a FFA; you can not give control to someone who is already participating. You must get someone outside in the FFA to control your Pokémon, or someone that was in the FFA but fainted already.

  • You must write everything yourself. If you are caught stealing stories which aren't yours, you will be (forum) banned.
  • Don't post in other people's story threads, unless you have the right to.
  • You have to post your stories/grades yourself. You can't have someone post it for you. No exceptions.

  • You are not allowed to feed Pokéblocks when your Luster is either maxed or will be over-maxed when you feed the remaining Pokéblocks.
    (eg. feeding another 50 Luster Pokéblock to a Pokémon that already have 240 Luster is not allowed and is considered abuse)

Note: Rules with * in front of them are being checked out. If you have proof that goes against them, then PM me. If you have a rule you think should be in here, PM a moderator the reason(s).

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