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Default The Rules: READ FIRST!

courtesy of The Laughing Man (banner contest runner-up)

–Main Areas–
There are five major sections of the URPG. Battling, writing stories, roleplaying, participating in Contests, and drawing Pokemon.

Battles are the most important aspect to the URPG. This is the only way to evolve your Pokemon to higher versions. Visit the link below to learn everything about Battles.
Reffing Encyclopedia: PE2K | BMG | PWN

This is where you write a story to catch Pokemon. This is the main way to obtain new Pokemon for your team. Visit the link below to learn everything about Stories.
How To Write Stories: PE2K | BMG | PWN

-Role Plays-
A new section to the URPG, the URPG National Park allows trainers to catch pokemon and interact with other trainers through roleplaying.
National Park Rules: PE2K | BMG | PWN

Contests seem to be a favorite past time among some members. You are a Coordinator and your aim is to win ribbons and participate in leagues.
Judging Encyclopedia: PE2K | BMG | PWN

-Art Gallery-
The Art Gallery is URPG's newest addition to the core activities that you can do. Draw art pieces of Pokemon and get it curated, and you just might have a chance of capturing the Pokemon that you've drawn! Visit the link below to learn more about the Art Gallery.
How To Make PokeArt: PE2K | BMG | PWN

The Ultra Dex
We have our very own PokeDex. You can use this to check for moves that your Pokemon learn, their evolution stages and methods, abilities, methods of obtaining, and more.
The Ultra Dex

–Other Areas–
Here’s a look at some important threads you might want to look at.

-The Marketplace-
You can find all your shopping needs, chances to enter contests and quizzes to make money. You can find The PokeMart, The Underground, and the Auction Room here. All wages of the respective sections will also be posted here. For a more detailed description, please visit The Marketplace thread.
Marketplace Board: PE2K | BMG | PWN

-Trading Machine-
Want a better Pokémon? Want to evolve that Machoke into a Machamp? Find someone else to trade with.
*Note that giving Pokémon or anything in your stats to another Trainers is ILLEGAL. You will not be allowed do this.
Trading Machine: PE2K | BMG | PWN

These Pokémon can only be won through special contests, tournaments or defeating the Elite Trainers. Only a few have been taken, everything else is available. No legendary Pokemon are permanent, but they are well worth going for. Why? Bragging rights, of course. ;)

Currently Taken
Legend Defender: Always Changing!
Elite Four Champion: Pidge (Ho-Oh)
Dojo League Master: Airik (Shaymin) November 25, 2012 - May 25, 2013
Winter Writing Competition '12: Alaskapigeon (Jirachi) March 23, 2013 - March 23, 2014
Summer Writing Competition '12: EmBreon (Mewtwo) October 8, 2012 - October 8, 2013
Winter Writing Competition '11: Magikchicken (Lugia) April 6, 2012 - April 6, 2013

History of Legendaries (aka expired)
not fully consolidated

Keldeo Invasion Tournament Winner: Nitro (Keldeo) August 16, 2012 - February 16, 2012
BW2 Launch Auction Raffle: Princess Crow (Tornadus-T) October 13, 2012 - October 27, 2012
BW2 Launch Auction Raffle: Bumblebee (Kyurem-B) October 13, 2012 - October 27, 2012
BW2 Launch Auction Raffle: GliscorMan (Kyurem-W) October 13, 2012 - October 27, 2012
Summer Writing Competition '11: Kai-Mei (Mewtwo) October 31, 2011 - October 31, 2012
Banner Contest '10 Winner: Pidge (Arceus) November 10, 2010 - Novembre 10, 2011
Some Writing Competition '10: Kai-Mei (Deoxys) November 20, 2010 - November 20, 2011
Legend Defender Reward: Haze (Latios) May 20, 2010 - May 20, 2011
Elite Four Champion: Psychedelic Shroomish (Lugia) defeated

-War Teams-
War Teams are a PE2K-exclusive and only happen on the PE2K boards, but any URPG member that has an account on PE2K is entitled to participate. They are created to participate in different areas around the forum to gather points. The team with the most points at the end of the season wins. It’s basically a contest to see which team is the best. War Seasons typically happen during Summer. For more information, please visit the link below. There are usually stickied War threads to read during the War Seasons.
Link: PE2K

-Trainer’s Court-
This is where you can bring a topic up and want judgment on it upon the Moderators and Officials. It’s like a suggestion but for major topics only. You can take crimes to court also. Check the Court Rules first before starting a thread.
Trainer's Court Board: PE2K | BMG | PWN

-Records, Awards, and Member Respect Hall-
If a member accomplished something for doing their part in the URPG history, they get their name here. Also listed with it are the URPG Member's of the Year awards, which are held every year.
Respect Hall: PE2K | BMG | PWN

Apart from the Story Writing Competition, different events and tournaments are held from time to time. Some of these events include URPG Secret Santas, seasonal Auctions, annual URPG Awards, annual Gym Tournaments, and many more. Stay tuned so you don't miss the fun!

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