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Default The Rules: READ FIRST!

–Ultra Staff–

This is a list of positions. Referees, Graders, Judges and Gym Leaders have their own thread which is linked at the end.

HKim (PE2K / BMG / PWN)

-Second in Command-

AmericanTreeFrog (PE2K / BMG / PWN)
Bumblebee (PE2K / BMG / PWN)
ChainReaction01 (PE2K / BMG / PWN)
EmBreon (PE2K / BMG / PWN)
Fossil Fusion (PE2K / BMG / PWN)
Monbrey (PE2K / BMG / PWN)
We Taste Pies... (PE2K / BMG / PWN)

Alaskapigeon (PE2K / BMG / PWN)
Ataro (PE2K / BMG / PWN)
Dog of Hellsing (PE2K / BMG / PWN)
Fierce Deity (PE2K / BMG / PWN)
Jack of Clovers (PE2K / BMG / PWN)
Nitro (PE2K / BMG / PWN)
Princess Crow (PE2K / BMG / PWN)
Roulette (PE2K / BMG / PWN)
WinterVines (PE2K / BMG / PWN)

-Section Leaders-
Referees - Monbrey
Graders - Princess Crow
Judges - AmericanTreeFrog
Rangers - ChainReaction01 / Dog of Hellsing
Curators - Monbrey

-Tournament/Special Event Chairmen-
Battles - Monbrey, HKim
Stories - Princess Crow, HKim
Park - ChainReaction01, Dog of Hellsing, HKim
Contests - AmericanTreeFrog, HKim
Curator - Monbrey, HKim

*If you want to run a Tournament/Special Event, you must ask one of the above

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