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Default Project Moe-ology

This is the first big project started by me from Club Moe. All cards are made from Magic Set Editor, and will be rendered in modern card format. All cards can be saved in jpg format. Project members should note that when the set is completed, his or her contributing file needs to be sent to me via rapidshare, using only cards submitted and approved. I'm 99% sure the images come with the file, but to be safe, members should zip all images used and put it on rapidshare (so basically zip the .mse file and the images used.

100-150 card set, themed around anime. If we're good, we can bump it up to 300.

Photobucket Account
Name: Proj_Moe
Password: ************ (i.e. I'll send YOU the password. :3)

The major theme around this set is unknown as of yet.

Likeness: The spell played gets better if you control a creature of the same colour as the spell itself.

Anime used:
Death Note
Lucky Star
Haruhi (single card)
+ Random anime w/e for commons/uncommon

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