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Default Re: Project Moe-ology


uh... moeness?

hmmm... additional costs to play some cards... or can we put a keyword to that? or maybe targetting?


still need improvement in wording issues in accordance to magic...

Nanoha: "~ gets +1/+1 if you control a "Fate T.H."" <Magic Set Editor considers "~" as the name of the card; so copy paste this it'll automatically be the same as the card name.> also the abilities should be in alphabetical order; flying, trample. Power wise I think the cost she be upped.

Fate T.H.: "~ gets +1/+1 if you control a "Takamichi Nanoha". TOO overpowered because of Double Strike; to balance it out you need to make her like cost 7+ or something. or maybe just change her to First Strike

Divine Buster: "~ deals 5 damage to target creature". dealing damage isn't "white-like"... but I dunno with Kenny if we'll follow the color wheel here.

Phalanx Shift:"~ deals 3 damage to each of your opponent's creatures." Should be an uncommon... I think... overall its the most balanced card yet.

Riot: "Enchanted creature gets +3/-1 and gains trample and vigilance". Seems alright... I think... though definitely not rare-worthy.

Facepalm: All of that text is the same as: "Tap target creature." Its Twiddle... and Twiddle costs only U... art is usable but definitely not for tapping others.

Sarcastic Comment: "Remove target creature from play. At end of turn, put it to play under its owner's control. ~ can't be countered." Why would that remove a creature from play? flavor doesn't mix well...

Sinner's Pain: since it's an Aura, you have to specify what it enchants; so you need to have an "Enchant creature" above that text. "When enchanted creature would destroy a creature, remove enchanted creature from play." I like it and I get the flavor and all, but this should be white; theme of justice/repentance.

No comment on Mudkips XD

Edit 2:

1) Edited previous cards <they've been changed, mostly... AEGIS is still a human for flavor reasons>

2) New cards already? XD

now a set:
Hypnotic Trance is a part of a Staring set: all costing 1XX; where X is the color; each one affects the opponent playing spells; blue is somewhat of an exception, but technically the same.





I really can't think of anything else x_X

next set - one casting auras that return back to the hand when they leave play... rares of course.






Red and blue seems broken... but lemme know...

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