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Default Re: Project Moe-ology

Deleted my previous post. Makes organisation easier. =D

Nanoha! Did some rewording.

Fate! Changed to First strike, did some rewording.

Divine Buster is crazy, but it's Divine and Nanoha's spell, so it's White. (Hayate will be blue, as soon as I find a good picture.)

Just changed the rarity. =D

Whoo! Now to get a Blaster Mode picture so I can make one for Nanoha too.

It's Black, because Chrno is a demon. I might make this part of a set, but meh. Later.

I guess a Facepalm would have a weakening effect or something...

I think the Flavor explains things better now. DISTRACTION!

And Mudkip.

And while we're at the wtf cards, Pikathulhu.

It's Louise! Run before she unleashes collateral damage on your whole team!

Lol, Kanon. I had a good GAO! picture too, but the resolution was a little bad.

Yuki breaks games if you can get her out. Nice, ainnit?


Rei is moe. She is.

Asuka less so, but she still is.

Yeah, same as always. Feel free to jump on me and kill me for making stupid cards and stuff.
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