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Default Re: Project Moe-ology

Moe theme with some deviations? Alright sure.

Doesn't matter. Right now there's at least a minor theme of liking your own colour, and hating others. See holistic decree and Falsified World for examples. I've keyworded likeness, but did not keyword the hate one. Likeness is stuck to white and green. Hate can go to any colour.

Additional costing shouldn't be a major theme. We can use it as a minor theme, though. That's fine.

Targeting definitely has nothing to do with anything as a theme.

I'll fix your cards at my end. I'll need you guys to send me your mse data via rapidshare along with the images. The images are more important than the mse data, since I can type those out.

Secondly, I think our log of rares is filling up a bit fast. We might want to watch out a bit, since we only have about 30-50 slots for them.

Oh, and divine buster's broken. It should red "~ deals 5 damage to target nonwhite creature" to keep within flavour range and the destructive power you want, ski. It can then down itself to uncommon that way. There'll be other comments later.

Jet: the 3-mana cycle doesn't work. :-/
The 1-mana cycle is quite imbalanced. XD
I can't see AEGIS anymore. D:

*****the set needs more creatures @ common and uncommon levels.

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