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Default Re: Project Moe-ology

enchantments won't work? =/

y not the 3 color cycle? =/

Aegis is still there D: I still say she should be human instead of construct.


how about focusing on converted mana costs?

of is it official - mono-color dependent again? =/ boo

other keywords:

Allure = Creatures that battle with this card are tapped at end of combat phase and do not untap during their controller's next untap step.

Color themed:

Pure - X = Spells that aren't the same color as the card require an additional X cost in order for that card to be the target of that spell or ability.

Prismatic = This card is every color (including colorless).

Empower - X = Whenever a permanent with Empower - X; where X could be either a color or if a certain card/spell/ability is played, put a +1/+1 counter on that creature with empower, charge counter otherwise.

Lucid - X = That card gains X ability if all non-land permanents you control are the same color as the card with Lucid.

*will edit later for other insipirations

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