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Default Re: Project Moe-ology

1-mana enchantment cycle: they're simply too difficult to balance, and I don't think we have enough space to devote 1/6 or 1/10 of the rares to them. To date, 3 of the 5 are too good, and the other 2 are too crappy. The white one is one that you didn't have concern of, but is also ridiculously powerful.

The 3-mana cycle simply sucked. Nobody would want to play with the white one (gain 2 life for 3 mana?). The red one deals what 1 damage? The blue one might have some uses due to its protective ability. The green one was wtf meh crap. The black one was terribly unbalanced on the good side, and difficult to cost. The cycle (minus the black one) can be used as filler though, as all sets need crappy cards. :)

For some reason a number of the cards aren't loading for me. AEGIS is one of them. The others are from ski. :-/

Converted mana costs? That could work, considering that I'm pretty much shaping white to play that way. Yeah, I'm trying to engineer a good aggro-control style for white. :3

No, it's not official-mono-coloured set, but it just happened that I thought of a white/green mechanic that makes it feel like it. On the other hand, I'm not really digging the hoser idea.

Allure: it's not new. :-/
The rest of the mechanics: maybe, if we decide to focus on a mono-coloured set. I'm actually thinking that we should lean on converted mana cost this time, but a mechanically flavoured set is kinda...meh. I sort of prefer a theme flavour, like something along the lines of Time Spiral.

My own set based on something else is going to be the first set of this series (maybe), and its theme is desperation. So the set I would feel would be cutting corners by dropping mana costs, gating, alternative costs, flashback, etc., with mechanic "Mirage", which is almost like evoke (they stole it from me. XD). It might be good to start with a more broader theme like simply "desperation" so it would be easier to fit random cards by random people into the set.
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