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Default Re: Project Moe-ology

converted mana cost then...

1) Synchronize - X = X is an ability. A permanent (mostly creatures) has synchronize if the converted mana cost of all non-land permanents you control are equal or less than that the card with Synchronize.

yes cheezy name, and completely unoriginal with the new Synch monsters from YGO, but wth I can't think of any other name.

2) This would be new: a Keyword that ISN'T beneficial:

Repress - At anytime, if the creature with Repress is the creature with the lowest conerted mana cost among all non-land permanents, tap that creature. As long as its the creature with the lowest converted mana cost, it will not untap (even with another card effect, and it can't use any of its activated abilities. If it shares a converted mana cost with another, it's unaffected.

So I have a feeling such a card will exist:

Creature - X



yeah... should be a rare or maybe uncommon I think..
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