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Pokemon Journey I: Checkmate

Type: Fan Fiction
Genre: Adventure
Status: In Progress
Rating: PG-13

Summary: In a world will Pokémon and their trainers must work side by side to earn money for their perspective kingdoms in order to fuel their power, a boy named Shizumasa Akiyama begins his journey. However, something seems to be stirring between the two strongest powers in all of the world. In a world where those with the strongest trainers rule supreme, only a single person can stop the war before it consumes the world. Also, rumors of an organization of elite Pokémon Trainers who have had something to do with all of the chaos that has been happening lately. What will happen as Shizumasa begins his Pokémon Journey?

Personal Thoughts: This is my first Fan Fiction and it has only just begun (the plot not really unravelling yet). I expect great things from this one, or atleast hope it's good enough to actually have people want me to make a sequel for it. I hope you all like it and what not!

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