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Default Re: The Cloning Thread

If you wish for me to clone your Pokemon, I will not guarantee a quick clone in 2 minutes. I still have to master cloning, and my eye does not always see the WLAN light flash. My reflexes are not that fast either, but I have cloned several of my Pokemon by now. I can assure you that I am a trust worthy person, I can give you my Hotmail address/MSN so I can respond to you quickly.

FC: 1804 9621 3909, YVETTE

I will only clone one Pokemon for you daily. I am also prone to keep a clone for myself.

All I ask is that is the clone is a Shiny that I do not have, that I can clone it for myself, too. Other than that, I hope you pick me as a cloner because I am in need of practice.
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