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Originally Posted by Metagross Ex View Post
Ok, you can join thanks I will put you up in a second! What rank would you like to be in King DeDeDe Waddle doo or lowly Waddle doo? the things are on the first post. Don't worry it's not a dumb question. I'll put you up as a King DeDeDe Kirby pikachu
Actually, it's Lowly Waddle DEE, just so you know. Finally, we gots more members! Also, that banner is a little big-actually, VERY big, but it's still good. Also, replying to Metagross Ex's PM to me-SHOOT! I forgot to ask my friend about this! Well, we'll worry about that later, I guess. I looked at the front page, and ACK!!!!! I'm a Red Kirby and the other guys are ahead of me (YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHANGE, MAYBE I JUST NEED A HIGHER POST COUNT OR SOMETHING)!, who cares.

You know anything about 123 not doing anything here? Did anything happen?

Another more Kirby-related topic: Anybody like the anime? I actually like it, but I like TV shows more when they have an ongoing, changing plot, where you've gotta see every episode or something.
A very dumb story. Go read it.
Join my RPG...

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