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Default Twisted Mirror [PG]

Heh, first timer at an organized fic. Yeah...I'm a crappy writer, which goes along with the science guy stereotype anyway. XD

Anywho, I've only actually written one chapter of this story, which is to run about 7 chapters. I'm trying a few things to see if things will work or not. First of all, it tends to be "all over the place" in terms of the storyline. I'm not sure whether this is an appealing idea for some, but I'm going to try this out anyway. I don't expect to get points for the WAR either, since it's pretty hard to actually get this story out and get points in the war. Either way, I'll try for it anyway, even with infrequent updates.

Suggestions and stuff like that appreciated...besides, I know I'm a horrible writer anyway. ;)

Twisted Mirror
Afterword by Stephen Yursa

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