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Default Re: Twisted Mirror [PG]

There was also a special area in the swamp itself. The swamp is divided into three uneven areas. The entire northern portion of the swamp was taken by the master raider Kuga. The southern portion is then split into an east and a west end, which generally do not have any alliances with any force, only raiding those who travel through their lands, which includes anyone who dared not to pay the toll fees at Kuga's borders.

I lived in one of the small makeshift houses in the northern part of the swamp. In there, as long as you were a resident of the swamp (even if you just stole the residency card from someone and wouldn't have to pay a cent, like I did) or you paid the toll fees, you were protected against anything regarding the south. Anyone who violated that previous law would be faced with unspeakable punishments prescribed by Kuga himself. It wasn't that bad of a deal, considering that the southern swamp was filled with nasty ghouls (humans) and poisonous Pokemon alike. During that time period, I carried three pokeballs with a smeargle, a magneton, and a lapras, so that only sweetened the deal.

I basically raided the raiders who were near the border of the northern and southern swamp and sold whatever I got for a living. While most of the men in the northern part of the swamp raided places like Lavender Tower and Celadon Forest, I chose not to take the risks of becoming physically impaired if it meant that I had to do double the work (more if I got raided myself while being south of the border). I was one of the few that did this, as generally the alternative rewards were also worst than those in Celadon or Lavender raids.

Not only did I raid opponents south of the border, I also took in odd jobs here and there. The prices varied, but generally were better than what I did for a living. So I became acquainted with men in other businesses, such as smuggling jobs generally going into Lavender Tower.

On the day of revolution, I left the stench-filled room as I headed to meet with one of the businessmen, named Jerry. I took one last look at the house to make sure I didn't leave anything that I normally wouldn't take. I noted the small size of the room, with a carrying capacity of four, a broken three-seated couch to the north, half of a table with a small computer used for hacking (magneton electricity and wireless connection extra) near the couch, a refrigerator that essentially acted like an ice box to the south, with a pot stand on top of it, and a twin sized bed to the east, with a torn blanket and an overused pillow that went gray with age. Checking once more that I left my Pokemon where they were, I left through the back entrance on the northern side of the house, which consisted of navigating through a tunnel of boulders lodged with the house somehow.

I went back out to the southern (front) end of the house when outside, mainly because the streets safer for a lone man, even if he was under Kuga's protection. I noticed that the front “door's” security system (which involved more lodged boulders that made entrance into the house impossible) required a little extra flare; I should get some more security devices after, since one can never be too careful even in small one-room houses that contained no items for hygiene.

As I walked to the east, I noticed neighbours and such running about, usually holding some sort of loot from that day's work. The area was fairly peaceful for a stench ridden swamp residential site that has a population density of eighteen people per square meter of land, thus it was a perfect hiding place for a con, a thief, or both, since nobody knew you nor cared.

It was only a short ten minute walk to Jerry's place. The first thing I noticed as I inched to his place was that only his men were waiting, and that I recognized one of the men. That man was the leader of the raiding parties, known to the men as the Treasure-Stormer, Mackenzie. With a lightning-fast pounce, I knocked out three of Mack's men with a single forearm swing. Mack looked at me as if he saw a ghost... or a person whom he had cheated on. “Wh... What the heck is your butt doing here?” he clamoured, obviously not appreciating my existence.

“Whatever you're doing, I want in,” I explained to him.

“You do not understand the circumstances that we have right now. Leave while you have a chance.”

“Hm? I'd like to understand these circumstances then.”

“Look here, I'm not joking this time. Get out of here while you have the chance, boy.”

And the chance slipped away, as soon as Mack stuttered out that last message, for a few new-gens appeared in front of the entire group almost instantaneously. I naturally disappeared from the camouflage of the swamp using my dark wardrobe. The entire group bowed to these two new-gen blastoise. It seemed that Jerry was dealing with the dangerous enemies within the borders that Kuga had set up, which would explain why the circumstances being dangerous.

The new-gens were essentially enhanced Pokemon, with abilities that were far greater than that of a regular Pokemon, not to mention the fact that they were able to speak our language. Also, the new-gens had a distinctive star-shaped marking on their foreheads, which signaled the inability to be contained in pokeballs. In essence, the new-gens were faster, stronger, and better in every possible aspect in comparison to a normal Pokemon. It would also be downright foolish to attack them with conventional weapons such as guns and explosives, as the new-gens had an extensive ability to avoid these dangers along with their ability to withstand such power. What they were missing were numbers.

As I eavesdropped on their conversation, it was evident that this job was more dangerous and much more enduring than any other mission that Jerry had accepted, unlike the usual pokeball or Pokemon smuggling. I slipped away unnoticed by the ones making the deal, thinking about what they said. It marked the beginning of the revolution, where Mack would be forced to escort an army of new-gens through to Lavender Tower. The plan was not to aid whoever was at the tower, but to crush them.
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