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Default Re: The Cloning Thread

I have these shinies to be cloned:

Lvl 100 legit shiny ninetails.
Shiny eevee lvl eighteen.
Shiny ekans.
Shiny teddiursa.
and some other shinies that I am forgetting.

I have these events to be cloned:

All these guys are untouched, or a little touched: Ageto Celebi, PalCity Lucario, Mew and Manaphy, 10Anniv Celebi, Saikyou Dragonite and Space C Deoxys, Saito Bato Jirachi (ID number 30719 lv 5 w/ganlon berry), 10 Anniv Espeon and Umbreon, 10Jahre Ho-oh and TCGWC Surfing Pikachu.

To any who will clone nicely and relativly quickly: I offer however many clones that you may want.

I usually only want these: The original back plus two copies
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