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Default A Friend in Need

Okay first complete attempt at a fanfic. I think it's a little rough, but I'll see what everyone else thinks. This whole thing came from a thought I had.

I think it might be a lot of dialogue, but it is over a conversation. It's just a one-shot. Hope you enjoy.


A Friend in Need

Cassie was ready to rest from her journey and have her team healed. Walking into the small town, she looked for a familiar red roof. At seventeen, she was already an old hand at traveling the region. It was easy to tell she was a trainer, from the khaki shorts and light t-shirt she wore, to the full pack she carried and ball-cap that protected her head, dark hair waving behind in a ponytail. She had been traveling for a while, as was evident from her sneakers. They still had dark blue race stripes, but the white leather had faded to dusty brown some time ago. Though a bit tired, her blue eyes sparkled as if she was ready for anything. Only three of the Poke Balls on her belt held a Pokemon. Always on the lookout to learn new techniques, she had cut her team back in the hope of finding some new Pokemon to catch and train. But, with no luck so far, she decided it was time to take a break and let her tired group rest. Cassie glanced at her Poketch, a Sinnoh gift from her Grandmother in Sunyshore City, and saw that it was about 6 o’clock, plenty of time to heal her Pokemon and grab something to eat before turning in.

Walking into the Verdanturf Town Pokemon Center, the first thing she noticed was a well-dressed man standing at the counter, arguing with Nurse Joy. Cassie walked up to the desk to have her team healed, but also to find out why anyone would want to argue with the kind nurse who ran the Center. Something on the desk in front of the man caught her attention. It was a small yellow Pokemon with green ears, cheeks, and paws. What Pokemon is that? Then she saw the single, straight bars on its green cheeks. That’s a shiny Minun! Her thoughts were interrupted by the man’s hand hitting the counter.

“I am sorry sir, but there is nothing else I can do for Minun,” said Nurse Joy with a bit of impatience. It sounded as if this had been stated several times before, and Cassie really began to wonder what was wrong.

The well-dressed man was about twenty-five. He was wearing a grey suit that looked custom made and a very expensive watch. His brown hair was very neatly cut and a pair of sunglasses, that also looked expensive, was hanging from his front pocket. This was someone used to getting his way, and would not accept the answer he had been given. He began to yell, “You mean to tell me, that I am stuck with an Electric Pokemon that cannot even use its own electricity?” Every word seemed to make the Minun in front of him wince a little.

“I did not say that Mr. Davis. I said that the virus seems to have affected her control of Electric attacks. Minun may be fully recovered from the illness, but her hold on electricity has been compromised,” Nurse Joy explained. She was starting to become very frustrated with the man before her. “As I have said, with enough time and some intensive training, she may be able to regain that control, but you will have to start from scratch with the basics.”

This was still the wrong answer for Mr. Davis. “I am not going to take the time to start from scratch!” he was in a full-blown rage now. “I have already spent enough time here trying to make sure that my Pokemon recovered from its illness!” (Cassie later found out this was untrue; he was gone most of the time Minun had been at the Pokemon Center.) “The only reason that I trained it in the first place was to add another shiny to my team! I am certainly not going to start over with it! What is the point of having a Pokemon that cannot use its own attacks!?”

At this point, the poor Minun had her eyes shut tight to stop the flow of tears that seemed likely to come anyway. Nurse Joy was shocked beyond speech, but looked as if she wanted to punch the man in front of her clean out. Perhaps Cassie might have cheered something that seemed so out of character for Nurse Joy. However, she found herself asking the adults a question.

“Why are you arguing about something that Minun and Nurse Joy can’t control?” Her rather calm inquiry brought the argument to an abrupt halt as the two turned to look at her.

Mr. Davis replied with a little more than a sneer, “I do not believe your opinion is necessary.” Tyler Davis had never held any kind of respect towards other trainers, particularly those who were younger than himself. Having been raised to think that he was better than those around him, Tyler believed he had greater skill and wisdom as a trainer. He frowned at the young girl next to him, “No one asked you to listen to an adult conversation kid.”

“It didn’t sound like a conversation to me, and it’s not like I could avoid hearing it.” Cassie’s still calm response caused Tyler to turn red.

Before he had the chance to yell at a trainer as well, Nurse Joy answered the question. “Mr. Davis brought Minun here with a very rare virus. She has recovered, but is still suffering some side-affects. It seems that she has lost her ability to control Electric attacks.”

“And I have no time to retrain a Pokemon, because it cannot remember how to hold in its electricity,” said Tyler interrupting. “It is a waste of my time, and it is Minun’s own fault for forgetting in the first place. I refuse to do it!”

Cassie frowned. She could not understand why anyone would be so outraged at having to train. For her, training was everything. Her Pokemon meant the world to her, and she knew that they would do anything she asked. She was never able to understand how any creature could become so devoted to her, and she loved them for it. Now hearing a trainer practically say his Pokemon was useless, set her head spinning. She looked at the rejected Minun who had listened to every word. Cassie’s heart went out to her. “Do you want to give up Minun?” Her question startled herself as well as the two adults and the Pokemon on the counter.

Tyler looked at the girl and smirked. “Perhaps I do,” he said. With those three words, Minun finally released the tears she had been holding back. She felt as if all hope had been pulled out from under her.

Cassie took a deep breath before she asked another question. “Would you be willing to give her to me?” Minun’s head snapped up. Tears still fell as she tried to comprehend the question. Did she actually hear that correctly?

Tyler was having a little trouble understanding himself. “What did you say?”

She repeated herself, more clearly this time. “Would you be willing to turn over your Minun to me? I’ll be her trainer.”

Nurse Joy had been upset by the condition of her charge. No matter what she tried, Minun just could not regain control of electricity on her own. Worse still, it seemed as if the small amount of control she still held was quickly fading. Joy became distressed when Minun’s trainer flatly refused to take on the hard task that lay ahead for the Pokemon and had worried that Minun would be left without a trainer. Now, she looked at the girl, who had just entered her Pokemon Center moments before, as if she was an angel sent to make a miracle happen.

The ‘shiny collector’ looked at her as if she just asked for the moon! Could this kid seriously want to take one of his shiny Pokemon?

“I am willing to give you something in return for Minun,” said Cassie, reading the look on his face. She had a knack for understanding what people were thinking. “What other Pokemon do you have?”

There was no reply from Tyler. Instead he grinned and opened three Poke Balls. From inside appeared Mothim, Poliwhirl, and Skitty, he seemed very pleased to show off his shiny team to the rest of the Pokemon Center. “I also have a shiny Onix which I cannot release here for obvious reasons,” stated Tyler in a haughty tone.

Cassie nodded and took off her pack. She began to set objects on the counter in front of her. The other trainer looked on greedily. A Moon Stone, Metal Coat, Water Stone and King’s Rock were all placed before him. “How many of these items would you trade for Minun?” She already knew the answer, but still waited for him to reply.

He had been searching for the items that would evolve his shiny Pokemon. Tyler tried to erase his hunger for the rare objects by looking from the items to Minun, as if he was making a difficult choice. “Well, this particular Minun is rare itself, and you are not offering any Pokemon for trade,” he said, trying to sound as professional as possible. “I suppose that I could take the King’s Rock, Moon Stone, and Metal Coat to evolve my Pokemon.”

She nodded her head. Of course you could. I’d expect no less from a guy like you. “So would you say it’s an even trade then?” she asked.

After one last look at the items to make certain they were real, the man replied, “It’s a deal!” He offered his hand, which Cassie shook. Tyler then handed over Minun’s Poke Ball, snatched up his new items, and walked out the door with his shiny Pokemon.

Minun watched them go, her heart breaking. How could her trainer give her up so easily? She had worked so hard for him, trained so many hours to become stronger. When the virus made her sick, he had left her in the care of the Pokemon Center, only returning to see if she had recovered. All trainers did that though, right? Why did he leave her here now?

Nurse Joy looked at Cassie. “I do not know how on Earth you managed to stay so calm through that. I must say I am surprised that a trainer would give up such rare items for a Pokemon they have never met. Weren’t those hard to find?”

She shook her head as the remaining Water Stone was placed back in her pack. “Not really. They were only things. I’ll find another Moon Stone and King’s Rock, and the Metal Coat came from my Grandpa who raises Steel types. I can always get another from him.”

Nurse Joy nodded her head, “I do agree with you one hundred percent. Although I don’t think I would have offered him anything but a long trip to the floor.” Both she and Cassie laughed at the thought. After a moment, Joy calmed down and smiled at Cassie. “I suppose that you came here for a reason. So, what can I do for you today?”

Cassie got her giggles under control. “My team needs to be healed. We’ve been traveling for a while since the last Pokemon Center.”

“Of course, it would be my pleasure to take care of your Pokemon,” said Nurse Joy with a smile. She took the three Poke Balls Cassie sat on the counter. “I’ll have them ready to go shortly.”

“Thank you.” As Nurse Joy walked away, the trainer looked at Minun who finally realized she now belonged to a complete stranger. Cassie smiled and moved to her level. “I’m afraid you don’t know me, but I can promise that I will do whatever it takes to help you. I hope that we can become friends.” She removed one of the empty Poke Balls from her belt and set Minun’s in its place. “It will be hard. I’m not even sure I understand everything that has happened to you up till now, but I’m willing to find out.”

Minun looked up at her. Could she really trust this person? She thought she would be with her last trainer forever. Would this trainer give her up just as easily?

Cassie, who had always been very good at reading people and Pokemon, seemed to know what Minun was thinking. “I know you’re a little confused right now. I would be too. It’s hard to be separated from someone you’ve been with for so long. But, I can make a promise to you right now. No matter what, I will not give up on you. That may not be much of a promise coming from a complete stranger, but it is the best I have right now.”

Minun was not sure what to do. Here was a trainer, who had stuck up for her. This trainer, who did not know her, was still willing to accept her with all of her problems. Minun was afraid. Afraid of what the future would hold, if she could trust the trainer who had accepted her wholeheartedly. Mostly, the little Pokemon was afraid that she would ruin this second chance with a kind trainer.

“Tell you what, why don’t we go get something to eat while Nurse Joy heals my Pokemon? Then I’ll introduce you to the rest of the team. Tomorrow, we can start working from the beginning. How does that sound?”

Minun looked at her new trainer who was smiling kindly. New hope began to show in her eyes, and Cassie saw her smile for the first time. “Mi-mii!” was the timid reply. Minun finally had the trainer that she so desperately needed, and a friend as well.


That's it, please tell me what you think. I greatly appreciate any criticism to improve.

Thanks! ^.^

edit: It's now August and I have just realized that I used the wrong color for a shiny Minun, something i have edited. ^^'

I am currently working on a revision that I hope to have posted in the near future.
avvie and banner from the awesome bff Gem ^^

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