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Default Allright........WTF!

I just had the craziest thing happen to me. SO usually when people go and find Missingno theyll find some high level pokemon, a missingno, or some other stuff but I think Ive had the weirdest of weird things happen to me.

I was surfing down the coast for some unlimited master balls and all the sudden the battle transition appears but this wasnt the regular battle music, this was a gym battle music playing! All the sudden the sprite appears and im fighting Blaine, no joke! Blaine sends out M" and its a black square. I killed it with one hit. Then he sends out Snorlax and I kill it with my Mew. Then he sends out another M' but this one is a lighter square and its cry went on forever just a blank low sound so I just had to turn off my gb. Now I highly doubt, this has happened to anyone else....?
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