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On NB levels are irrelevant. Here is why you would get owned on NetBattle.

Sandslash (Items??)

Dig (when would you use dig when you have EQ?)
Cut (When you have slash? Please.)

With this set, a charmer would totally screw you.


Dragon rage (blissey, skarm, heck even ariados says lol to 40hp damage. Curse roXX0rz on dragonite.)
Dragon breath (not on dragonite, extreemespeed/return/wing attack instead)
Thunder wave (Will get rid of when find a good lightning attack DONT GET RID OF THIS!!)
Waterfall (Lol, use ice beam/t-bolt/haze/rest


Flame wheel (flamethrower/fire blast)
Fire punch (earthquake)
Headbutt (thunderpunch)
strength (sunny day/attract/double team/rest)


Zap cannon (lol, never use this piece of crud. Charm.)
Thunder wave
Iron tail (cant think right now but definitely not this)

Fly (crobat and xatu suit this move, thats IT.)
Wing attack
Gust (Curse/Mud slap for ch33pness.)
Quick attack

Suicune lvl 44
Auora beam (Ice beam)
Whirlpool (Roar)
Bubble beam (Erm.. Mirror Coat? Cant remember 'cunes movepool)

Even now that I've modified it, you will still get owned. This is also a UU/OU mix so no-one will battle you anyway. You need more indirect attacks e.g Toxic, Spikes, Sandstorm, attract, confuse ray, leech seed, swagger. You also HEAVILY need stat boosts/reduction moves eg charm, swords dance, double team, amnesia. You also NEED a (p)hazer in Netbattle. Do you know the difference between a tank, a toxistaller and a special sweeper? NU/UU/OU ring a bell? The team is too physical aswell. Trust me kiddo, NB is where the big kids play. (Sorry all for the cheesy line). Back on topic, an AWESOME gyarados set:

Gyarados@focus band/miracleberry
-powder snow
-hydro pump
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