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Default Re: Emma's Ref Log


Free For All

No Items/Held
No sleep moves including Rest
Hit-All moves hit one
No Perish Song
No Destiny Bond

Team Evolution with Alakazam
ReclusiveDemon with Dusknoir
Pokeking1 with Walrein
Ultima Boss with Tyranitar
Splishee with Espeon
Skullz with Sceptile
Crazy231 with Cradily
Lan with Forretress
Loyal Arcanine with Gengar
Pokelord01 with Garchomp
The Jr Trainer with Electrode
Sigma with Pidgeot


Team Evolution with Alakazam out 12th- $1000
ReclusiveDemon with Dusknoir out 11th- $1000
Pokeking1 with Walrein out 10th- $1000
Ultima Boss with Tyranitar out 9th- $1500
Splishee with Espeon out 8th- $2000
Skullz with Sceptile out 7th- $2500
Crazy231 with Cradily out 6th- $3000
Lan with Forretress out 5th- $3500
Loyal Arcanine with Gengar out 4th- $4000
Pokelord01 with Garchomp out 3rd- $4500
The Jr Trainer with Electrode out 2nd- $5000
Sigma with Pidgeot gets 1st- $5500

And I should get $6000 for reffing this.
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