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Default Re: TMA: The Return of the Smash War

Originally Posted by Nitrous Oxide View Post
Name: Lan
Gender: Male

Experience: Lots.
Reason for joining: TMA, the only worthwhile team nowadays.

Username: Lan
Characters: Meta Knight, Kirby, Captain Falcon
Friend Code: 2148-7935-3806

Why hello thar Kenny. I'm not too bad at Brawl, as we saw last night.
Hey Lan. Sure you can join. Play some games against Fire Away eh. The guy's got a puzzle that I have yet to be able to solve. ;)

Originally Posted by Poring View Post
Hey, someone else who has played RO. :O

Ok, sure, that's fine. It doesn't have to be today.
I was a level 80 dancer at one point in time. XD

Originally Posted by Fire Away View Post
I played that Ragnarok Battle Offline game, if that counts. I knew what it was. :x

If anyone is interested in a few matches, I'll be on in about 10 minutes. I want to have a few rounds before I leave for New York tomorrow. :D
Yay New York. Have fun at the big apple. :3
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