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Default Re: TMA: The Return of the Smash War

Originally Posted by Nitrous Oxide View Post

If you want one like that, just ask.

I can change the background color and the character.
No, it's fine with me that you use something else. :3

Originally Posted by Poring View Post
In my pRO days, I just memorized the basic phrases. (pa heal po plz to ask for a heal, etc) Other than that, I understood about 25% of what people were saying to me. I'm going to learn Tagalog someday...

I guess I'll stop talking about RO now, since it's off-topic and I'm not a member of this clan. <_<
Yeah, good times with RO. XD

It's also a WAR team, if you haven't noticed. Technically speaking, you can join this as just a WAR team and that would be fine as well.
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