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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Hey I'm back, and with another character. I think I should send some of my ideas to Nintendo for the next game.

Animal Crossing Villager
B(Slingshot)-You can move while charging, and move the slingshot's aim up or down. Power is low though
Forward B(Ax chop)-A.C. villager Rushes forward with Ax over head and then slices downward.
Up B(Fishing Rod)- Fishing rod launches upward and if hook connects with opponent smashes him down into the floor. Can be used as teher recovery.
Down B(Furniture move)- A.C. Villager drops a random piece of furniture in front of itself that actas like a sheild against a move. If used in air the furniture can fall on opponents head to damage and would break on impact.
Final Smash(Gyroid Invasion)-Gyroids start to randomly pop out of the ground on all platforms and knock back anyone they hit.

Anyone who says an A.C. villager can't fight has zero imagination as this moveset only took me a minute or two to set up. I'll be back for more later
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