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Default Re: LlamaCommando, ShiniesRule, Aelita, DG [Normal Beauty Contest]

Electivire appeals with Light Screen! +1
Crowd goes wild, +5!

Blastoise appeals with Hydro Pump! +4
Crowd cheers, +1 [CL=1]

Togekiss appeals with Flamethrower! +4
Combo! +4
Crowd cheers, +1 [CL=2]

Dustox appeals with Silver Wind! +1
Star! +1
Earns another star!
Crowd cheers, +1 [CL=3]

Last round:
3rd Togekiss 240 pts
1st Electivire 220 pts
2nd Blastoise 200 pts
4th Dustox 120 pts[**]

urpg stats . the ultra dex .
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