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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Yeah more characters for the win!

Kat and Ana
B(Ninja Stars)- Kat throws a nija star on the floor while Ana jumps up and throws one in the air.
Forward B(Clone jutsu)- Kat creates a clown that rushes forward slashing the opponent.
Up B(Sakura Twirl)- Kat and Ana float upwards with sakura petals twirling around them that damage anyone who hits them.
Down B(Floor board flip)- Kat flips a floor boad up that blocks any projectile that comes from the front.
Final Smash(Twin Slash)-Just like the assit trophy the girls slash opponents from side to side.

:D Gyroids are teH roXXorz. 4 of the 5 rooms in my AC:WW house are filled to max capacity with Gyroids. :]


Series: Pokemon
Unlock: Beat Boss mode with Lucario

B: Fire Punch - Similar to Falcon Punch and Warlock Punch, but faster and weaker
B^: Sky Uppercut - Just an uppercut, works similar to Marth's B^
B><: Brave Bird - Powerful tackle; can be charged. If it misses, he slips on the ground and is temporarily open to attacks
Bv: Mirror Move - Essentially the same as Marth's, Ike's, and Lucario's counter attacks

Final Smash: Overheat - Same effect as Wario -> Warioman

[I tried to stick to how SSB always used real pokemon attacks for their specials]

I still don't get why Blaziken never got in Brawl. He's perfect for the role imo
Gyroids are pretty cool aren't they? Heh, I was so expecting you to do a moveset for Ridley, oh well I'll do one later once I can think up more moves for him. Also Blaziken would probably work well for a Pokemon Rival that also has, say, Piplup and Bayleef.
Pokemon is cool no matter what age you are!
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