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Default Re: Project Moe-ology

Originally Posted by Jet View Post
yea... a book would do...

suggested other anime to be used:

Rosario+Vampire :3 I know the manga's better but the anime's just too Setonohanayome/Chobits/LoveHina/Negima like to diss :3
That's fine for now. lol

Originally Posted by skiboydoggy View Post
It depends. If it's a tri-set block, then the Japanese "moe" character won't work.
If you want to make a block, or if there is enough interest, that can be done. Anime would be the main theme instead, that's all.

Originally Posted by gamedude View Post
I want to help but the Anime i know isn't on your list of used Anime and I downloaded the card maker too :P If you are letting stuff in like Dragon ball, InuYasha, Avatar & Naruto then I will help....
Well as long as things aren't broken, really. I don't permit Avatar, since it's not an anime set. That's about the only thing about it.

Originally Posted by i will x your y View Post
If there isn't a Yachiru card, someone make one.

I love her.

Go ahead. Nothing stopping you. :3

Originally Posted by Jet View Post

Naruto, Dragonball and Inuyasha have no moe qualities whatsoever... and Avatar is NOT an anime... I'm guessing you're the type who doesn't watch subs of other anime and are stuck to watching shows shown by 4kids/whatever other companies that show in the US...

Bleach is an exception since Yaichiru is there =P

and I haven't heard any news Kenny... o_O
Yeah, I've been busy doing Brawl and school. I'm currently modifying what ski has done, usually to move cards from black to another colour. XD
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