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Default Re: Nintendo's New Systems: Game Boy Micro and Revolution!

Originally Posted by Dragonknight_Demikid
I don't think that makes sense... How is Xbox and DS related?
I'd also like to know about that too, it is the "Nintendo DS" so what'd the xbox have to do with it anyway?
Originally Posted by Dragonknight_Demikid
Anyway does someone else have a guess on this? If Revolution comes out, would they start creating games only for Revolution and seizing for Gamecube? Since i want to stick my GC and notwaste money on buying Rev. but if needed i will buy it... but does anyone have a guess?
From what they say I think its going to be another "old system replacement". In other words, they say'd it has GC backwards compatibility and you'll be able to download older games so that says to me right away, the GC is going (personally, I don't give up my old systems, I have a PS and a PS2, I have 2 GB pockets a GBC a GBA and a GBA SP, the N64 and a GC along with a SEGA genesis 3).
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