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Default Re: Ataro's Reffing Log


No Items
Hit all moves hit one
Perish Song, Destiny Bond, Sleep moves, Rest, Trick Room, Attract, C-ray, Evasion banned
Special mon: Miltank, Butterfree, Pidgeot, Scizor [these will get SPD+6 at start turn straight away]
Ice types move first first round

Sigma - Pidgeot
Pokelord - Starmie A
May - Starmie B
JR - Espeon
Fenix - Ninetales A
Skullz - Ninetales B
TE - Kingdra

This FFA lasted around a whopping 3 hours with May and Sigma taking about 1 hour. At the end, Sigma still emerged victorious with a deadly Toxic after many turns to stop Starmie dead in it's trap, with a stat of SPD+3 [SUB][SD+5][DEF+6][ATK+3], while if your interested, Starmie had SPD+1 [SD+5][DEF+6][ATK+3][TOX-6].

Fenix out first, gets $1000.
Skullz out second, gets $1000.
JR out third, gets $1000.
TE out fourth, gets $1500.
Pokelord out fifth, gets $2000.
May out sixth, gets $2500.
Sigma survived, gets $3000.

I should get $3500 for reffing.

Salary: $44500
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