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Default Re: [Normal Beauty] Diesel v. Aelitaluver v. Ataro v. Jr.


I'm such a lazy bean. D:

Chimchar uses Ember! [+40]
Crowd cheers! [+10] [CL=1]
Startled by Hail! [-30]

Typhlosion uses Flamethrower! [+40]
Crowd cheers! [+10] [CL=2]
Startled by Hail! [-30]

Glaceon uses Hail [+10]
Crowd cheers! [+10] [CL=3]

Milotic uses Rain Dance! [+40]
Crowd boos... [-10] [CL=2]
Milotic has a Star! [+10]
Milotic has a Star! [+10]

Glaceon ~ [160]
Milotic ~ [160][*][*]
Typhlosion ~ [170]
Chimchar ~ [210]

[20:14] JacksonPkmn: Milotic - 1
[20:14] JacksonPkmn: //roll-dice1-sides2
[20:14] JacksonPkmn: JacksonPkmn rolled 1 2-sided die: 2

1st Chimchar
2nd Typhlosion
3rd Glaceon
4th Milotic

If you hadn't noticed, I'm inactive at the moment due to school and the like. If you need anything, drop me a PM and I'll reply ASAP, I try and visit every couple of days. Activity will pick up when there's a school break, I promise. D:

iamnotyou11 (00:41:35): scrotom?


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